Thank you to those who attended the SCAIR and NCAIR joint virtual conference

Beyond Boundaries: Rising to the Challenge

February 26, 2021

2021 Conference Keynote Speaker:
Daniel Cape

Daniel Cape is a dynamic and creative facilitator and speaker. Daniel served as a combat engineer officer in the Army National Guard, in addition to holding leadership roles in outdoor and educational settings in the United States and abroad. He derives his creativity from unique life experiences that include 15 years as a caricature artist, international volunteer work, and his love of the outdoors. Daniel holds a master’s degree in experiential education and is completing his PhD in psychology with a focus in creativity studies from Saybrook University. He’s the creator of EPIC Cards, which teach and promote creativity, and the author of “From Experience to Creativity: The experiential educator’s incomplete guide to creativity”.

Cape’s 2019 TEDx talk “A Deeper Understanding of Creativity”

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